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Armless office chairs with wheels. Even though ergonomic office chair industry is currently dominated by chairs with armrests, many people carry on and swear by armless office chairs for a variety of reasons. There are many definite advantages offered by armless office chairs compared to those that have armrests, but there are also some clear drawbacks. It’s your choice to decide whether those advantages or drawbacks apply to your state. Here are some of the things it’s good to consider if you’re thinking about picking an armless chair.

The critical advantage provided by armless office chairs is their space conservation relative to chairs with arms. This can be beneficial in a number of ways. If the drinks are a little tight around your working environment, an armless chair can produce a big difference, as arms could end up being one more obstacle that you should navigate around. They can also usually be moved around more easily.

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Armless office chairs with wheels. Similarly, armless chairs are more likely to fit seamlessly with your desk, in spite of its design. If for reasons unknown you like to sit very close on the desk, a chair with arms may make this impossible, so an armless chair is probably the way to go. This is especially true the use of desk accessories such as a keyboard tray. Depending on the type of work you do, an armless chair may provide further benefits. If you need to move from one side of your office to the other often, an armless chair will assist you to do this more easily, without having to stand up as often.

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