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Swivel Rocker Chair. The traditional papasan chair made of rattan seems to be a staple in a great many households, even to this day, that is certainly already more than 50 years since the rattan chairs became an international rage in interior design.

Today, there are various new versions of the original papasan that have been invented to help you to definitely enjoy the comfort and luxury of these incredible chairs much more ways than one. You will discover, for instance, the double papasans that are also called mamasan chairs, which can seat two or more people. There are also much smaller papasan chairs that can be enjoyed by young kids, as well as matching footstools and tables built in much the same design as the original papasan chair.

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Of all the different variations of the papasan chair that happen to be in existence today, one of those that stand out the most is the swivel rocker that is made of rattan, just like a real papasan chair. It has a circular base as being a regular papasan chair even so the seat frame is quite different. Instead of the bowl-shaped seat with the typical papasan chair, the swivel rocker has a high back and arm rests as being a regular recliner, if you will, but the entire frame is made of rattan just like a papasan chair. It also has a thick padding that makes it a really comfortable. Swivel rocker chair base, swivel rocker chair cushions with ottoman, parts, covers, slipcovers for living room, base replacement, swivel rocker chair replacement parts.

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