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High backed throne chair. To begin with there are many conflicting opinions of what exactly qualifies a chair to be called a tub chair. Most people in the know though agree that any chair with a single piece curved back that makes up both the arms and the back of a chair can be called a tub chair. To many people it is the essence of simple and easy understated modern furniture currently so different from the overly fussy and sometimes uselessly intricate pieces of furniture that were favoured until just a few decades back.

In this society we have many organizations, such as the Masons, where the head of the lodge, called the Master, sits on what can only certainly be a throne like chair with good back and beautifully adorned. You’d have a difficult time imagining him sitting in an ordinary dining room chair.

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The unearthing of the tomb of King Tutankhamen ended in many startling discoveries and fired the imagination plans the world over. One of these discoveries was that the Egyptian throne chairs were a kind of tub chair or Hoffman chair albeit a bit more flat. The back and arms were indeed there are piece in the style of the tub chairs but they were flat. This fired up lots of00 interest in Hoffman’s design the ones around the world stated to buy these chairs as the frenzy for everyone things related in any way to Egypt hit its peak. High backed throne chair, white high backed throne chair.

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