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Before purchasing an ergonomic kneeling chair, consider that people differ greatly in height and one size does not fit all. Inside the U. S., the bulk of males are between a height of 5’5″ and 6’2″, a considerable range. That being considered, to design a piece of furniture made for one size and assume that it would be ergonomically well suited for everyone is a fallacy. Investing in a chair with adjustable parts is absolutely necessary for both ergonomic alignment and comfort.

Ergonomics is a well defined science. With a traditional 90 degree chair, the necessary adjustments to obtain health ergonomics is simple to obtain. The base of the seat is raised in order to level the eyes with the monitor’s midline. The arms rests are adjusted such that the upper arms drop straight down and the forearms extend forward at a 90 degree angle to rest around the desk or keyboard tray.

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With an ergonomic kneeling chair, ergonomics is more easily achieved, especially with the natural vertical spinal alignment that they provide. However , the most important factor to take into account when selecting chair is comfort. Only an adjustable ergonomic kneeling chair will be able to achieve comfort and ease for all body types.

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