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Comfortable office chairs can do wonders for productivity as well as employee satisfaction in the workplace. Chairs designed for personal use are not one-size-fits-all; instead, allow each of your employees to give some input and select the office chair that best suits his or her needs. Proper selection requires the consideration of chair size, shape, ergonomics, height, style, and adjust ability. You will find that along with a little effort, all of us can buy and enjoy comfortable office chairs.

Select a chair size and general shape that mimics your own body shape in order to your own comfort. Your hips should fit easily into the chair, leaving you roughly three inches of clearance to each of your side. If this space large small , you are likely to feel cramped by the arms of the chair, and you may catch on one or both as you attempt to sit and stand. If the clearance space is too wide, you must hold your arms out at an unnatural distance as a way to use the arm rests. Essentially the most comfortable office chairs will support your arms without inducing any torque with your shoulders or other joints.

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Furniture labeled as “ergonomic” will carry a hefty sale price, and comfortable office chairs should not be any exception. An ergonomically designed office chair seeks to raise your comfort level by supporting proper posture, thus relieving joint pain and preventing long-term damage to joints, tendons, and ligaments. Investing in such a chair is essential for individuals who spend a good portion of each workday at their desk. When you sit inside chair, the seat should hit you mid-thigh, allowing your feet to rest flat on a lawn with your knees bent for a right angle. The chair back should support your spine in a straight and neutral position, decreasing the temptation to slouch.

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