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500 lb office chair. If you are a big or tall person having the right chair can be quite a challenge. It is even more important to get a big or tall person to have a chair that helps support them. A big and tall office chair needs to have some special improvements that a typical office chair won’t have. If you are in the market for a big and tall office chair you should keep these things in mind while looking for the right chair.

Average office chairs are built to hold around 250 pounds, but achieving the top end of this weight capacity isn’t always accurate or safe. For a big and tall office chair you need to make sure that the weight capacity matches your needs or goes up to 500 pounds.

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The higher quality big and tall office chairs will be made with a steel frame. This ensures that they will last more time than their average size counterparts. A steel frame is going to make an office chair more durable and reliable. Most typical size chairs don’t have any metal in their frame work. 500 lb office chair, 500 lb desk chair, 500 lb rated office chairs, best 500 lb office chair, staples 500 lb office chair.

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